Casino History

The Origins of Modern Day Casino

In the modern world a casino is considered one of the top gambling activities; mostly these facilities are established next to a hotel or combined with one. They are also quite common in shopping malls, tourist destinations and cruise ships. Throughout history casinos have contributed to heated debates from those opposed to the activities. On the other hand others argue that they make significant contribution to the social –economic status of any country where they are carried out.

The US is one of the places where one is likely to bump in a casino quite often. Most of the states in this country grapple with restless youths who are unemployed; as a result they often consider legalizing the practice of casinos as a way to keep the young people away from worse vices.

A casino may involve hosting live entertainment activities such as comedies and even sports. Simply because some countries perceive the practice as illegal does not mean that it is outlawed in other countries. At the same time the use of the term casino has changed since the turn of the century and as a result in some instances it may not always involve gambling in certain countries.

The term Casino actually has its origins from Italy. The root word is Casa which denotes a country house or villa for the purpose of civic functions such as dances or gambling activities. With time casinos became increasingly pleasurably house where people would meet to gamble. An example of some of the earliest versions of a casino where such activities happened is the Newport Casino, Rhode Island.

In actual sense not every casino that you will encounter is likely to have gambling activities; an example is a Copenhagen casino which has always been used as a theater. The place is famous for hosting public meetings especially at the turn of the 19 century such as the famous 1848 revolution .The revolution that was birthed here made Denmark into a constitutional monarchy which was perceived to be more sensitive to the problems of the people unlike the earlier monarchs.

Other venues have been known to be popular banquet halls such as one that was used by the Russian nobility. Such building and venues were never used for gambling activities .In Spain and Germany the term is used to denote officer’s mess found in most military barracks. Sometimes the usage of the term has proved to be quite confusing to tourists especially when they come from a country which outlaws casinos but find the same legal in other countries.

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