Gambling and Tourism: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Tourism has a big role in the economy of the country, and generally it contributes to the national income of countries all over the world. An active tourism sector is certainly an indicator of a healthy economy, thus all governments try their best to stimulate it, improving the offer in terms of services and entertainments they propose to visitors. Tourism is a worldwide growing sector, thanks to the fact that the industry has always been open to embrace new changes with a vivacity and dynamism which characterise its own nature, to create always new and better experiences.

Among others, a way to attract tourists is gambling. Every year gambling draws many tourists who want to play and win money in the various casinos and gambling houses nationwide, nourishing the dream of life changing experiences while enjoying their time in a foreign country. Governments of the world have invested in top notch structures for the sector in the aim to drive and entice huge mass of gamblers.

The UK’s betting industry is reported to contribute £6 billion to the GDP. Gambling has also the secondary function, but not secondary at all, to create occupation. It employs over 100,000 people and generates £700 Million in tax revenue. To keep attracting new players every year, the gambling industry has to renew and improve itself continually and engage an ever growing and more sophisticated demand with an increased quality and high level of innovation of the offered services.

But generally speaking even an amazing new large gambling venue will not be able to attract more visitors on its own. It is fundamental that casinos be considered as part of the wider tourism proposal, the beneficial interaction between casinos and tourism is indeed mutual. Thus those planning casinos must understand that the casino can succeed, create wealth and have a positive impact on tourism in an area only if the tourism infrastructure surrounding it is good. Likewise those planning to develop tourism in an area must understand that there is no guarantee that a new casino will generate new tourism markets of its own.

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